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Vegan Leather

At SAMARA, we believe that beautiful fashion doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment. Our goal is to ensure that we’re always relentless in the search for the most sustainable, revolutionary materials. This is where we’re at. Step into our materials library.

Why we choose PU over PVC

When we decided we were going to only use vegan leather, we looked for the best vegan leather. Most vegan leathers today are currently made from PVC. PU is better as it’s less petroleum heavy. PVC is much more harmful for the environment than PU is. We have never used PVC, and only use PU.

Our commitment to the world is that we will use the most eco-friendly vegan leather there is. We went on the hunt to find microfibre that was excellent quality, felt as smooth as leather, and that could be finely crafted into the shapes and forms we needed. After months, we found it, and it’s made with strands that are finer than hair.