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Better for you, better for the world

No living thing is harmed in the process

SAMARA stands to create luxury vegan fashion that exudes simplicity and elegance.

The brand started out of a need for small, minimalist purses and wallets that were not overtly branded, that were eco-friendly, not posing any harm to animals, without luxury markups but with the same quality as higher end brands. Our factories pride themselves on attention to detail, whilst using the finest materials and expert craftsmanship. We visit our factories every year, and are proud of their working conditions and standards.

Our goal is to create better fashion, implement more efficient supply chains and use and create more sustainable materials.


Innovative & Made To Last

We’ll never stop pursuing innovation in the space.

For instance, most vegan leather is made out of PVC - we try to limit our use of PVC, and use PU, water-based PU and Microfiber wherever we can which are less toxic in their production.

Further, we’re looking to replace plastics completely, by pushing the bar with plant based materials like Apple Leather, and we’re only getting started.

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Let’s keep it simple -
We like all the things good.


Only What’s Necessary

We believe there’s elegance in simplicity. We like to find premium materials, and let them shine.

For instance, our mini, laptop sleeve, fanny pack, and more are made of a single, folded piece of vegan leather - held together with a beautiful brass button.

Designed with few materials, made to carry everything - bags like our Classic can fit your phone, your mini, your sunglasses, your passport, and more - we’d be surprised if you could fill them!

Designed with forever in mind.


All Female Leadership

With just $500, and a production run of 10 bags, Salima started SAMARA Bags in December 2017 because she couldn’t find a bag that was cruelty free, simple, and elegant.

She named the brand after her sister Samara, and the two of them run the company in memory of their mother who passed a few months before the company’s inception.

Today SAMARA produces over 70,000 bags yearly and still obsesses over every detail

We’re the next generation.


Lighting up the World

Salima spent the first 18 years of her life in Kenya, and before starting SAMARA she founded The Soular Backpack - the initiative provides children in East Africa with a backpack outfitted with a solar panel.

As children walk to school everyday, the backpack charges a light, so they can do their homework without Kerosene.

A portion of SAMARA’s profits go towards supporting The Soular Backpack, which also employs women in Kenya to create sustainable change.

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